Lost in the field of tankless water heaters

Hello guys!

I would like to ask for your help.

Despite I already spent over $10.000 online I still have some doubt about specific products. In this case I usually ask for some professional help, but now I’m out of friends who I know and is pro in this topic. Maybe some of you can help me.

Last week with a series of unfortunate events I broke not only the water heater in my bathroom, but my shower cabin as well. The moral of the story is to never get drunk and try to do a backflip in your bathroom…(maybe in the future I’ll write about that night, it was pretty funny :D)

Anyway, I already found the exact same shower cabin that I had, and ordered it. It’ll arrive tomorrow, but I still need something that could produce hot water in my flat. During the last week I went to my friends to take a shower, but I don’t want to do it any longer.

I realised that I have no knowledge in connection of water systems. I did a small research and found myself completely lost. Even after I read some article about the best tankless water heater for small flats, I’m still not sure which could serve me better. Based on the knowledge I gathered from that site I know that I need a gas fuelled tankless water heater, because that’s the type of the system I already got and I don’t want to change it to electrical.


But I still don’t know if I could believe what that site states.

Would you be so kind and check it for me and give your opinion about it? I would appreciate it very much.

I know that’s not exactly why a person use his blog, but now I really need your help. Without you I’m completely lost in the field of tankless water heaters.

Thank you in advance!

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