Lord of Vacuum Cleaners

Hey Guys!

I’m back again, with a bunch of new experience!

As you probably know I recently moved out of my parent’s house and rented my first flat ever. The freedom is incredible, there is noone to say when, what and how to do (except the working hours of course). Literally, I am my own boss, when I am in this flat! After 24 years of living with my parents, this is way too cool!

But as every other good things in the world, this has some downsides as well:

  • there is noone to cook for me
  • noone the wash my clothes
  • and noone to clean the whole place.

After a month I realised that the mess I live in is not how I imaged my kingdom, and I have to do something. After a weekend of tiding up all the rooms I got to the point, where I have had to vacuum the floor. This was the moment I realised that I don’t have a vacuum cleaner….

As an IT guy I had no other options than to ask my dear old friend Google, about vacuum cleaners. I never thought how many different hoover exists. After a couple of minutes I found a site full of information about every kind of vacuum cleaner and even with tips on how to choose the best vacuum cleaner that met your needs. Once I finished the study of this kind of machineries I ordered a mid sized one, which has low energy consumption, and which is bagless.

It arrived on the next week and since that I already used it two times.

Guys, I really don’t understand why everyone complains about vacuum cleaning. It is the easiest part of cleaning. You can even listen to music during this and for a 40m2 it takes only 10 minute to finish. So man up yourself and clean your home!

Next time, I’ll write the story about how I found out, why is it a must to have a plunger at home.

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