Dehumidifier to sleep like a child

Hello Guys,

I recently faced with a sleeping problem-. First I could not understand why I slept badly in the past 3 weeks. This is the time period since I live in my flat far away from the house, where I spent my whole life.

I slept about 3 hours per night and because of that I was less and less useable at work. Which is not exactly how I wanted to introduce myself in this new place.

I tried near everything to get some rest, but I had no luck.

  • I bought new pillows,
  • Tried to sleep on an air mattress,
  • Ate less before sleep time,
  • Did some workout after work to be more tired.

Only sleep pills helped, which is not what I want to use in the age of 24. So I had to get some alternative.

One of my colleagues suggested to try a dehumidifier, because she experienced same effects when she moved to this city. She even gave me her for some nights. And guys…That really helped. After a day I sat it up up, all my problems with sleeping have gone. I’m fit again, I could sleep more than 7 hours in a row. Just like in a dream!

After that night of the long awaited sleep, the first thing I did in the morning was to search an even bigger and better product for my needs. With the help of this site, I found the best dehumidifier for flats. Two of them are already arrived. One for everyday usage and one if the first breaks. I’m really glad I made this purchase.


Now, as I’m full of energy, I already asked my colleague if she would like to accept a dinner invitation in exchange of her tip. She said yes, and since that we already had two dates. Everything goes fine. Maybe that suffering worth it.

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